"​​​Before I met Fumie , I was seeing a physiotherapist who tried everything but couldn’t ease the pain I had in my hip.
Since I started having Bowen sessions with Fumie ,the pain has eased and I feel more balanced and aligned.
Her sessions are tailored to your needs and are very relaxing.
Highly recommend."

Sam - London

"Fumie really takes to time to think what might be going on with your body and tailors the treatment so that it doesn’t only focus on the immediate area of pain. My neck is so much better. Agree with other reviewer that it’s worth the trip from South London!"

Mary MaKee - London

"Wonderful experience I highly recommend I always leave better than I came I wish I found fumie earlier"

Touring Guy - London

"Fumie is dedicated to the healing arts and therapeutic profession and to serving you. Possessing a range of therapeutic skills and modalities, Fumie seems to hit on which may be the right healing resource for you in any one moment, whatever was the original reason or treatment you went to see her for.
Having originally gone for Bowen Therapy I also found myself receiving Reflexology, Kinesiology, Acupuncture or Flower Essences, whichever was the most appropriate and effective at the time.
Fumie is able to discern issues you may not have been aware you had. Or were holding you back from living your life. In my case she found that my jaw was not aligned plus some emotional issues, al successfully treated.
It might be easy in therapy and healing to simply collect certificates, but Fumie is able to use her skills and knowledge to offer a sort of bespoke treatment that is the right one for you and your needs. Highly recommended."

David Brown - London

"Fumie is an amazing at her job! I was in constant pain in my hips and lower back from a DIY injury. Tried many different things - nothing worked till I visited her! Did weekly sessions, each tailor made to follow the pain and methodically reverse the misalignment in my system. I have no increased my workouts and decreased the sessions to monthly. She is also so pleasant to work with and patient with all my questions. Highly recommend for remedial as well as preventative musculo-skeletal health(and a relaxing massage now and then :))! Thank you Fumie!"

Preethi Gopinathan - London

"Highly recommend booking yourself an appointment - it is definitely worth the commute from South London!
I started seeing Fumie earlier this year for Bowen therapy, to get match ready for walking the Spanish Camino, she tweaked my muscles & alignment and the results were brilliant! Now I book a monthly appointment to relieve menopause symptoms & maintain a strong healthy body. I wish you every success with your journey with Fumie"

Alison Craggs - London

"I have been doing Bowen Technique massage with Fumie for over 6 months. I go to the Dalston Junction practice. Fumie is very knowledgeable and always makes suggestion that can help with the aches and pain or other issues you are facing. I am also doing acupuncture and kinesiology sporadically. All of these help with my migraines and stress and age related issues that I develop. I highly recommend Fumie."

Florence P - London

"Always so fantastic - my body feels so realigned after every time I see Fumie. Highly recommend.​​​​​​"

Megan Salter - London

"I have been seeing Fumie for Bowen technique and kinesiology for intolerance testing / emotional support. She is so friendly and knowledgable. I really enjoy going to see her and leave feeling very relaxed. I have recommend her to friends and family."

Poppy Horwill - London

"I highly recommend Fumie. She is a really knowledgeable and dedicated professional. Very in tune with her client and whatever the reason I consulted her with,she always found the right type of treatment that was right for it and for me."

Julie Vermeille - London

"I can't recommend Fumie enough. I feel extremely zen every time I leave - it's a treat every time! She is a very calming person and looks at the whole body. Her massages really hit the spot and I also recommend her Bowen Technique. She's really sorted out my aches and pains."

Rebecca Ehrlich - London

"I have been seeing Fumie regularly for 18 months and couldn't recommend her enough. Her therapy room is a lovely calm place to be and I always leave feeling relaxed emotionally and physically :)"

Emily S - London

"I can highly recommend Fumie.
Fumie is so dedicated to the therapist profession, very knowledgeable. Her hands are magic. I feel so much better after the Bowen therapy sessions, it is like a miracle.
And I like the location of her treatment room at Dalston. Very convenient, as it is located literally 3 minutes walk from the overground station."

Elena Soldatova - London

"Fumie’s facials are fantastic! I have been going to her for several years, and have tried both the Holistic Beauty Facial and Japanese Cosmo Facelift. I come out of each session with glowing skin and feeling super relaxed. Would make a lovely gift.

She is always very welcoming, and creates a very warm and soothing environment. I cannot recommend her enough."

Amaya V - London

"I’ve been seeing Fumie for Bowen Technique to treat my frozen shoulders for a couple of months. The treatments have been very helpful in improving my mobility and range of motion.

I previously had paid privately for physio sessions elsewhere which helped with pain and certain ranges of movement. After Bowen Therapy I was able to extend my reach behind my back more comfortably and without pain.

Fumie is a lovely therapist. Very kind, and attentive. She is very communicative and checks in on you during treatment to make sure you are ok and to understand and pinpoint where specific aches are to work through them. She is very patient.

I have shared with friends and family the benefits I have experienced through Bowen Technique. It really has made a difference to pain management and treatment of both of my frozen shoulders.

I would definitely recommend Fumie as a therapist. One day, when my recovery has progressed further along I would be keen to try other therapies with Fumie, such as reflexology."

Michelle D - London

"Absolutely Amazing. I walked in with a very sore back, very debilitating. Walked out healed. Fumie took so much care to diagnose and repair : ) Highly highly recommend."

Jacki Agnew - London

"I'm Fumies's loyal customer. I enjoy the massage techniques she is using which are very relaxing and effective in relieving muscle tension from sitting at the desk all day. I also enjoy her studio that is warm and quiet which creates even more relaxing atmosphere."

Zuzana Kontrikova - London

"​​​​​I’ve seen Fumie a few times, twice for kinesiology, and once for Bowen technique. Fumie is kind, generous and intuitive, I felt a real sense of going above and beyond which I appreciated so much. I found both therapies extremely helpful. I’ve had many different types of massage and physical therapies - Bowen technique with Fumie stood out to me as it worked very deeply and had immediate results.
I would highly recommend anyone to see Fumie."

Catherine White - London

"I first visited Fumie some years ago now for reflexology and continue to see her regularly since for reflexology and for many other aches and pains and she has always given me great relief.
I have recommended her to family & friends for back pain, sciatica, stiff shoulder, neck pain and they have all now also become regular customers.
I would recommend her highly to everybody.
Thank You Fumie keep up the good work."

Aong Don - London

"Fumie is the first and only person I turn to for an injury.
Her Bowen sessions have healed my shoulder pain from aerial arts.
She's also a really lovely person"

Papillon Bond - London

Dislocated my shoulder 6 or 7 weeks ago, expected to take months to recover. I am now fully able to move it and beginning to build back strength. Fumie worked with me diligently and with great care, and I am incredibly grateful for her highly skilled help!

Morgan Marshall - London   

"I have been going to Fumie for Bowen Technique sessions for a month now. I had very bad lower back paid and there has been a huge improvement as a result of these sessions.
Fumie is a pleasure to deal with, and a relaxing presence. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Jarvis Suitor - London

"I came to Fumie suffering a tension headache that I thought was coming from the neck. After some experimenting and a few sessions she discovered my jaw was not aligned properly!
She managed to align it with holistic techniques that blew my mind... I could feel the tension suddenly ease away.
I've been getting much better sleep and it's all thanks to Fumie. She's someone who will work with you and your body to figure out your issue. Highly recommend - Amazing!"

Max Hague - London

"I’m having Bowen therapy and I highly recommend.
Funmie communicates with the body and knows exactly where my pain points are.
Very skilled and professional, by far the best therapist I’ve had."

Ruth Munroe - London

"I see Fumie every two to three weeks. It started as treatment on a very stiff and painful thigh. That was fixed and we have now moved on to what I call maintenance.
Fumie is fantastic and I leave every treatment feeling centred, calm and realigned.
Really cannot rate highly enough."

Jonathan Bannister - London

"Lovely professional individual and good massage and outcome after my visit
Thank you Fumie"

L. Carmelitano - London

"Amazing healer and understands the mind and body connection and made a great difference to our health as to severe pain reducing the inflammation dramatically and emotions attached to those painful areas. Thankyou."

Jag Singh - London


Brigepal Singh - London

"I have been seeing Fumie for over 2 years now. The service that she provides is excellent. She is genuinely interested in you and tailoring her service to meet your needs.
I have had several different treatments given by Fumie and I always leave feeling amazing!

Fumie also has great customer service skills. She always checks that the service is meeting your needs.
I could not recommend Fumie highly enough she is a friendly, talented individual who can quite literally transform you!"

Sabby Jonesy - London

"I have been having regular consultations with Fumie for 3 months now for stubborn plantar fasciitis on a foot weakened by previous injuries, including 3 severe sprains and 3 broken toes.

After just one session, my foot was again resting flat on the floor, which had not been the case for years and all the work she has been doing on my lower back and jaw also helps tremendously.

I needed to investigate a new form of therapy to boost the overall healing process of my foot and I have found it with Fumie, in her lovely space close to Dalston Junction.

Fumie is a very skilled and professional practitioner. She is caring, very thorough and treats the body as a whole using the Bowen Technique. She is also very compliant with the COVID rules, which I really appreciate.
I cannot be thankful enough for her help as it only improves my mobility but also my overall and emotional well-being.
Highly recommended."

Stephanie Beauloye - London

"Fumie is an excellent massage therapist who is professional, respectful and highly knowledgeable."

Cassandre G. - London

"Really excellent consultation and Treatment! I have suffered with some severe symptoms since 15 years ago and I have tried everything with no results until I met Fumie and I had a couple of Kinesiology sessions! I cannot recommend Fumie enough! She is absolutely brilliant!"

Blanca Sardinero Lorenzo - London

"So glad to have discovered Fumie while I was searching for kinesiology. Since then I had different techniques and sessions, and all are absolute helpful. Bowen technique has been instant realisation and relief for me. I am sure I will need her again, and I recommend Fumie to everyone. I think she is truly exceptional"

Gaia Soikok - London

"I had to deal with several post viral symptoms (fatigue, headaches, breathing issues) and Fumie has helped me to ease them with her knowledge and practice (reflexology and kinesiology). After each session I feel more energized and so much better in general.
She is amazing, she looks after her patients, listens to them and addresses the issues in the best way possible, I couldn’t recommend her more. It is a place of absolute tranquillity and heaven, I am so grateful for having discovered her"

Patricia - London

"Fumie is an incredibly skilled practitioner who is always professional. Her technical knowledge of the body is outstanding and she has worked with me to correct, amongst other things, some longstanding postural issues. Her treatment has made a real difference to my neck and shoulders.

Fumie works holistically. I often turn up feeling stressed and out of sorts due to a demanding job. She tunes into my emotional state and takes time to ‘listen’ to my body and instinctively knows what I would benefit from the most. After a treatment with her I feel renewed and relaxed.

I am always happy to recommend Fumie to others – including my family. Over the years Fumie has treated all of them at various times. We love her"

Jackie S - Hackney, London

"Fumi is a wonderful therapist with so much knowledge. Every treatment is fantastic"

Alice Latham - London

"Fumie is a talented practitioner with a range of skills.
Her workspace is always warm and inviting.
I've suggested her to several friends and the response has been positive across the board - both male and female.
Highly recommended!"

Portia Barnett-Herrin - London

"I have been having reflexology and massages with Fumie for the last 5 months and I have only received the highest quality treatments that have really made a difference to my overall well-being. I always leave feeling relaxed and revived."

Marilize Otto - London

"I love my Bowen sessions with Fumie, she is such a great Therapist! I could not rate her enough.
She really takes time to understand your body and how best to treat it. I feel great after each treatment!"

Sarah Ledger - London

"Intuitive, kind and healing"

A. Wood - London

"Fumi is a wonderfully intuitive and creative therapist whose knowledge is underpinned by excellent training and skill. After attending regularly for 18 months I can’t imagine not having a regular session."

J. Morgan - London

"I have been seeing Fumie for over two years. I cannot rate her services highly enough. Fumie is extremely knowledgeable in several alternative practices. She has supported me on my IVF journey, throughout pregnancy and post birth.

The space in Dalston is a small haven of calm, and Fumie herself is as personable as she is knowledgeable. She always has a good feel for what I need, and even if it’s just a massage, her hands feel healing, and I know that she genuinely cares about me and relieving me of whatever issues are bothering me.

She’s constantly adding to her skills with extensive training courses etc., which means she can assess me on many levels (emotional, hormonal etc.).

I would highly recommend you to give Fumie a try."

N. Bello - East London


"I thoroughly recommend Fumie. I had a few health issues which she was able to address with her broad range of expertise, and with her pleasant and friendly manner, whilst remaining professional."

Vanessa Gregg - London

"Fumi is the most wonderfully sensitive, accomplished and endlessly creative massage practitioner. Her commitment to professional development makes me feel as if she's on an endless quest to provide an up-to-date and holistic service. Have now been going for over a year and as she's come to know and deal with my tensions and aches, they have improved no end. Could not recommend her highly enough for her empathetic and holistic approach to good health."

Jenny Morgan - Highbury

" I felt immediatley comfortable with Fumie, she is most welcoming and makes you feel relaxed. She is very experienced, I went so see her for Bowen Technique. I have had pain for many years in my back, neck and shoulders. Within a few sessions, the pain has gone, I am able to work more comfortably and engage with my daily life feeling much more happy. Fumie is intuitive and sensitive to the individual. I would highly reccommend her. "

Claire Swift - London

" I've visited Fumie on a number of occasions for kinesiology, and after every visit I feel emotionally, mentally and physically balanced and recharged. She is incredibly warm and professional and I've recommended her services to family and friends because she is incredibly talented and conscientious, I don't know what I wold do without her! "

Rachel Johns - Essex

"BEST MASSAGE OF MY LIFE. also I've had tons of massages before. Fumie is a miracle worker. She does a variety of techniques and kind of combines what feels like Bowen, pilates, physical therapy combo into a relaxing massage. I work with my body a lot and she knows what's up. She is so well versed in a variety of techniques that she can tailor the perfect massage for you. She's easy to work with and she offers a great package deal. I feel super lucky! "

B. Cain - London


" I was recommended to Fumie by one of my closest friends and I am extremely glad she did - I would totally recommend Fumie’s treatment for full body massage. Within the initial few sessions I had with her, she totally took away the nagging pain I had on my shoulders. Very professional and uses various treatment methods based on individual needs.
Thanks Fumie!"

Anila George - London

" I have been seeing Fumie regularly over several years and am always amazed by how much better I feel after a visit, both physically and emotionally."

Mel Evans - Islington

" I have been a client of Fumie for about 2-3 years doing massage with Fumie. She's is exceptionally talented and skilled her massages helped me overcome stiff muscles and back caused by work stress. Her massage even helped helped me focus more and have a more balanced posture. More recently myself and my wife took our newborn baby for a massage with Fumie, she taught us a number of techniques to help the baby relax and to help the development of nervous system. She was again very patient and guided us through the steps which massively helped out baby. I highly recommend her! "

Joao Wilbert - Stoke Newington, London

"I have been having massages with Fumie for a few couple of months now. Fumie is very professional, makes me very comfortable and is always interested in my health in general. Her approach is very human and her massage always has a good result on my body and general wellbeing." 

Mireille - London



" Fumie is marvellous. I cannot recommend her enough.

She seems to have special magic skills and is able to find solutions to the unsolvable. In my case, she managed to release neck and shoulder muscles that had become deeply and chronically knotted, and which had stubbornly resisted previous treatments for years on end. This relaxing of long-clamped muscles was a revelation in itself, but there was also a deeper sense of becoming realigned and rebalanced; and both grounded and lifted. I really value Fumie’s flexibility, versatility and range of expertise. After some sessions based on more conventional massage techniques, she introduced the ‘no-hands’ method.

She has the ability to listen carefully, but also the sensitivity to pick up on the unsaid, or the little thing that one hasn’t quite formulated. I was especially amazed by the impact she had on a relatively minor ailment, which I had mentioned only in passing (possibly plantar fascia?). This was causing me some persistent discomfort through the heel and Achilles area. From what seemed to me to be just a few brief tweaks, squeezes and fluttering movements, the pain first retreated back to my heel, and, on second treatment, was eliminated.

Anyway, I’ve realised that I’ve found a real gem! "

Gail D - London


" I went to see Fumie at Raku-comodo massage for assistance from a back injury I sustained a few years back.
The treatments I've received have been excellent and consistent, a wide knowledge of techniques and a deep understanding of the body and people.
I Highly recommend Raku-comodo. 5* "

Freddie Beasley - London


" Fumie is very warm and professional therapist. My back pain has improved after 3 sessions with her. I tried different physiotherapists but no one I can compare to her.
I highly recommend her. "

Daga S - London


" The absolute best massage therapist in London. I searched for years to find someone who could help my chronic back, shoulder and neck pain, and Fumie was the only person in the city who was able to help me recover and feel better. She is incredibly skilled at adapting her massage techniques to your needs and perceiving where the problem lies. Not only did I feel great after each session, but my long-term postural and pain problems soon improved in a lasting way. Before Fumie, I tried everyone (chiropractors, physical therapists, other massage) and nobody else could help my situation at all, so I can't emphasize enough how grateful I am to her! It doesn't hurt that she's a lovely person and wonderful to see every week. Choosing to entrust your health to Fumie will change your life."

Susannah Bragg - London

" I have been having regular remedial massage treatments with Fumie and she has helped me with the pain I had on my right upper arm which has now pretty much gone. Prior to visiting Fumie, I had been visiting a physiotherapist for a few months with not much improvement so I am really happy that I trusted Fumie. Not only her massage is effective, it's deeply relaxing too. I highly recommend it."

Hana Ichikawa - London


" I tried every holistic, private, and NHS physio option in the Stoke Newington area - Fumie provided the only pain relief for my severe sciatica during my high risk pregnancy. After the birth I continued to see her and other options as I developed back problems from pregnancy.  She was the only practitioner who diagnosed me accurately and urged me to get a MRI. I continue to see her while I wait for a surgery date as her holistic approach and knowledge of the body not only improve my symptoms but she has always guided me towards improvement in my best interest. "

Tia Massimino - Stoke Newington




" Really excellent place. Fumie is very, very talented. I have only tried a couple of the different techiqnes of massage she offers, but they have both been superb and I look forward to trying out more. Highly recommend a visit!"

Kate Pert - London




" I have been seeing Fumie for about eight months and have found her to be consistently excellent. She has an indepth knowledge of a range of treatments and seamlessly weaves between them to give you the best possible treatment for your needs. She is truely holistic in her approach and I cannot recommend her highly enough." 

Charlotte Brearley - London

" Brilliant.. Definitely would recommend it to anyone. I have regular massage therapy sessions since my pregnancy & post delivery. Fumie delivers a customised session each time based on my needs. I feel rejuvenated after the sessions and I have felt considerable improvement for my shoulders and back." 

Ewangelin Jebaraj - London

 " Excellent massage. Did exactly what I was after and more. Fumie is clearly skilled in her profession and creates a very peaceful environment to be in. Highly recommend." 

Sophie Norden - London


" I had a wonderful experience here. Fumi not only has extensive knowledge, attributed from many therapeutic practices but after years of experience, she has developed her own sense of personalisation, learning what types of treatment the individual actually requires and then combining them to a highly effective degree. I came in for an Indian Head Massage but came out with far more. Would certainly recommend!" 

Jordan Cunningham - London

 " Excellent massage technique, instant results felt from healing hands, low income fee offered. I highly recommend the deep tissue massage for shoulder and back complaint." 

Alex Selbey - London

" I have been suffering severe knee and foot pain for many years due to my long hours of standing work, in addition to my Knee problem with numbers of knee operations in my childhood. I have been seeing Fumie for last four years whenever I needed. She normally combines sort of deep tissue massage and reflexology, she spots on and sorts out my pain. She is very professional and knows what she does. I always feel great afterwards. I cannot recommend Fumie highly enough." 

Chris Hayward - London

" I had a couple of Aromatherapy sessions by Fumie. My work is very physical and I often have heavy feeling on my back and arms. Fumie's session helps to ease and after the session I feel revitalised. I found her very professional, knowledgeable regarding body's anatomy and constantly upgrading her skills.
I highly recommend her." 

Miho Newton - London

" Great massage with oil and hot stones.
Super stress relieving and revitalising." 

Arpheous Little - Stoke Newington

" Fumie gave me a deep tissue (sports) massage after I'd completed a half marathon recently, which I felt really improved my muscular aches and pains! It wasn't always comfortable but that was because she had found the problem areas that needed to be worked on and really got to the bottom of them. She also found areas of tension that I hadn't been previously aware of and managed to aid those too. All in all I thought she provided a very thorough and friendly service and I will return again when I have the same requirements. " 

Katrina Wight - Stoke Newington

" Very relaxing, left feeling revitalised!! "
P. Fielding - Stoke Newington  

" Having visited several other specialists in the past few years with little success I was sceptical that Fumie would be able to relieve the pain in my lower back. However I was proved wrong straight after my first session. She has helped alleviate much of the pain and stiffness I have had to put up with for the past few years.   Her professional and confident manner puts me at ease and I can be assured that at the end of the session I will feel better than when I first came in. "  

Muhib Rakeeb - Stoke Newington

" I had a reflexology treatment with Fumie, which was excellent. She was very friendly and professional, and the treatment felt very therapeutic. " 

L. Grant - Highbury